Our Solution

Cell Versatility

REON’s system design allows the mixed use of batteries with differing wear levels, as well as batteries with varying chemistries, form factors, and manufacturers. This design also eliminates the labor-intensive sorting/grading processes required for 2nd-life battery redeployment.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

REON’s cutting-edge battery and energy management technologies come with ultimate safety at cell, module, and system level, and offer resilience and reliability to backup power applications and the renewable energy industry.

Higher Capacity

Leveraging state-of-the-art power electronics control, dynamic redundancy designs, and intelligent AI-based software, REON overcomes the “weakest link” issue present in traditional energy storage systems by utilizing full cell potentials with optimal performance.


Performance increase

Lower Cost

By efficiently and effectively utilizing the remaining capacities from retired EV batteries, REON is able to provide affordable energy storage systems for everyone. We offer up to 65% saving on Energy Storage System.

Digital Passport™

REON will pioneer Digital Passport™, utilizing blockchain technology, ensuring every deployed cell is ultimately recycled. Digital Passport™ will provide concrete data for carbon footprint calculations, making data transparent to both regulators and recycling companies.