About Us

REON Technology, Inc is a Delaware (USA) registered company, operating in both Boston, MA (USA) and Singapore.

We provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy storage solutions by utilizing a broad variety of batteries. Our innovative technology pioneers a safe and reliable energy storage system to expedite the universal adoption of renewable energy and power resilience.

Following extensive research & development, REON’s team has developed unprecedented methods of managing and controlling batteries. Backed by multiple patent-pending technologies, REON enables the efficient aggregation and application of heterogeneous battery cells. REON’s technology can systematically unleash full battery capacities to achieve up to 2-4X performance comparing to conventional battery system design.

Our Vision

We hope to enable renewable energy adoptions with a near-zero carbon footprint, qualifying REON and its technologies as “carbon-negative.”

Through our efforts, we seek to democratize renewable energy, providing affordable, efficient energy storage solutions for everyone. With transparent recycling methods, namely Digital PassportTM, REON will pioneer blockchain-enabled usage & life cycle tracking, providing concrete data for carbon footprint calculations.

And with every kWh of batteries redeployed, an equivalent of 100 trees are planted, saving the environment one cell at a time.